Oak House Montessori Nursery, 77 Wimborne Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 4JR
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Montessori and pre-school day nursery for children aged six weeks to five years

Open 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday
51 Weeks a Year
call us on:
01702 611991
Oak House Montessori day nursery and pre-school is located in an impressive Victorian house surrounded
by beautiful grounds covering 3/4 of an acre.
Babies (6wks-1yrs)Babies need sensitive handling and constant loving care to flourish in their new environment.Toddlers (1-2yrs)At this age children are bursting with energy and ideas and will be eager to explore their environments.Kindergarten (2-3yrs)This age group will love the new experiences the nursery has to offer. Encouraging their confidence and independence.Pre-School (3-5yrs)Children of this age have now formed their personalities and their own likes and dislikes; we feel it is important to encourage their individuality.

Southend Pre-School Day Nursery

Learning to Paint at The Nursery
Our preschool group is run by fully qualified, experienced staff. They are chosen for their dedication and understanding of this age group and work hard to develop your child’s independence, confidence and knowledge in preparation for their transition into school. This age group will love the new experiences that the nursery has to offer. They are encouraged to explore their surroundings and develop their social interactions through a wide variety of activities. Daily activities are planned weekly using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to cater for each individual’s needs and interests and to ensure that a broad range of learning opportunities for the development of all areas of learning. Our Preschool staff are always available for advice and support for every step of your child’s developmental journey.


Preschool Menu

All meals and snacks are freshly prepared on the premises and we are able to cater for a wide range of dietary requirements. We aim to make all meals and snacks healthy and nutritious with appropriate portion sizes for your child. At meal times children sit together to encourage them to develop social skills and table manners. The children are encouraged to feed themselves and to pour their own drinks to develop self help skills.

Montessori Menu Nursery FoodBreakfast

A choice of a selection of cereals, fruit and toast


A choice of a selection of sandwiches, salad, fruit and a yoghurt or you may provide your child with a packed lunch. These must not contain nut products, sweets, crisps or other confectionary.


Dinner is based on a ten week menu.


A snack bar is offered during the morning and afternoon sessions where children are offered a choice of  two snacks which they are able to self select. Snacks are varied and options include naan bread, crackers, seasonal fruit, vegetables and dip etc. Once a child has had their snack then post their name into the box.

At all meal times children are offered a choice of milk and water and water is available to every child throughout the day.


Preschool Activities

Daily activities are planned weekly using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to cater for each individual’s needs and interests and to ensure that a broad range of learning opportunities for the development of all areas of learning.

Activities are set out in an inviting way and children have access to other toys and materials so they can extend their play and develop their interests. The Montessori room offers a wide variety of numeracy, literacy, science, exploration and practical life activities. Through play your child will be introduced to colours, shapes, sorting, counting and hand control.

The outside area is used as an extension of the inside and many activities are used outside such as the dressing up, role play and small world. The children have a large climbing frame, sand pit and play house as well as an area for gardening. Activities such as ball games, obstacle courses and race are planned to develop gross motor skills.

Throughout the day staff supervise and interact with the children; promoting their learning and development whilst encouraging their independence and individual thoughts, ideas and opinions.


Preschool exchange of information with parents

We believe that children benefit most from early years education and care when parents and settings work together in partnership. Our aim is to support you as their child’s primary carers by involving you in the care and education of your child.

As a setting we ensure ongoing dialogue with you to improve our knowledge of the needs of your child and to support you as a family, we encourage you to speak with your child’s key person regularly to discuss any changes in routine, concerns or any exciting new things your child is doing.

Your child will have a ‘Learning Journey’ is kept in their individual box for you to view at any time this will be unique to them and contains observations, art work and termly evaluations which details the progress of their development. Advice on topics such as activities, behaviour, school transitions can be sought from any of our qualified, experienced staff.

Preschool Children


Preschool nursery visit/settling in procedure.

We understand that it is important to a parent to place their child in a warm loving environment that is suitable for your child’s needs therefore we encourage you to visit us to view the setting.

Viewings of the setting are by appointment only as this enables us to ensure that we are available to answer all the questions you may have and is less disruptive to the routines of the children that are already in our care.To book an appointment please contact us by phone or email.

When you arrive at the setting the front door is only allowed to be answered by designated members of staff. This is to ensure the safety of the children. You will be greeted, asked to sign in and shown around. The daily routines, planning and Early Years Foundation stage as well as the layout of the room will be explained. You will have the opportunity to see the children playing and ask any questions. We encourage you to bring your child along for the visit as you will be able to see how the child reacts to the setting. If after you have left you have any more questions or would like a second viewing do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like your child to attend you can phone us or drop in to request a registration form. There is a non refundable £40 registration fee. If your child is only attending ‘Free Early Years Provision’ sessions this fee does not apply.

It is important to settle a child into new surroundings with new people and we aim to make this procedure as easy as possible. Each child is individual in the way they settle and some may need more than others to build a bond with their key person. We recommend to our new parents/carers that they should initially use two settling in sessions which are free of charge. We recommend they do this a couple of weeks before their childs’ start date and the parent/carers can assess for themselves if they feel their child may need longer. These sessions need to be booked in advance.



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We currently have government funded places available

Did you know?
That as a working parent or a stay at home parent your child is entitled to government funded sessions from the term after their 3rd birthday?
 No matter what your income your child is entitled to a minimum of 3 hours a week up to a maximum of 15 hours a week free childcare.
 Please contact us for more details


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