Oak House Montessori Nursery, 77 Wimborne Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 4JR
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Montessori and pre-school day nursery for children aged six weeks to five years

Open 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday
51 Weeks a Year
call us on:
01702 611991
Oak House Montessori day nursery and pre-school is located in an impressive Victorian house surrounded
by beautiful grounds covering 3/4 of an acre.
Babies (6wks-1yrs)Babies need sensitive handling and constant loving care to flourish in their new environment.Toddlers (1-2yrs)At this age children are bursting with energy and ideas and will be eager to explore their environments.Kindergarten (2-3yrs)This age group will love the new experiences the nursery has to offer. Encouraging their confidence and independence.Pre-School (3-5yrs)Children of this age have now formed their personalities and their own likes and dislikes; we feel it is important to encourage their individuality.

Toddlers One Year to Two Years Old
Southend-on-Sea Day Care

Toddler Southend MontessoriChoosing a childcare setting for your baby is a difficult decision, something that we at Oakhouse Montessori Nursery fully understand.  We encourage prospective parents to come and view the nursery, during which time you will be shown around the building, explained to how our daily routines are carried out, meet the staff that will be caring for your baby and talking through any questions you may have. 

Our staff are always available to provide advice, talk about your child’s progress and listen to anything you may have to say.  Working in partnership with our parents is paramount to our success as a high standard nursery and we always welcome feedback, and encourage you to have your say at our parents' forums.

Once your child turns 2 years old you may be entitled to 2 year old government funding.  If you are eligible this entitles your child to 15 hours at nursery free of charge.  Please speak to a member of management in order to discuss eligibility and how to apply – do not miss out on something that your child is entitled to!

  Services Provided


  • All nappy changing equipment, food and drink are included in your session price.  We ask that you provide a change of clothes, in case of any little accidents, a pair of indoor shoes or slippers and appropriate outdoor wear.
  • Weekly planning is completed by the staff caring for your child ensuring that a variety of activities are provided which cover all areas of learning and development.  By knowing the children in our care very well we are able to plan activities that we know they will enjoy which in turn will help them reach their developmental milestones.
  • We offer two settling-in sessions, free of charge.  During these you will be required to complete a few forms which will provide us with information that will ensure that we can plan for your child’s individual needs and preferences and make the transition between home and nursery easier.
  • We document your child’s day using daily sheets which contains details on what they have eaten, their toileting and what activities they have participated in. 
  • Your child will have a ‘Key Person’ who will create a ‘Learning Journey’ which contains observations and photo’s to show what your baby has been doing whilst in our care, which is then linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  This will move through the nursery throughout their time here and once they have reached school age is yours to keep as a memento of your child’s first five years.
  • You may be considering starting potty training during this time of your child’s life; our staff are all aware that this is a time that requires sensitivity and patience.  Please speak to our staff in order to ensure that the methods being used at home are also being used here at nursery; the key to potty training is consistency and we aim to make this transition as easy as possible for you.

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2 year old government funding
15 hours per week
A variety of sessions available

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and  invite the child to conduct his own experiences”

Maria Montessori



Oak House Southend Nursery and MontessoriOak House Montessori Nursery
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